TECHNICAL DIRECTOR:      HANSHI Kenju Nakahoto 10TH DAN (Deceased)

PRESIDENT:                            SOSHI Alexander de Araya, 8th dan (Australia)
SECRETARY GENERAL:       Sensei Morne Slabbert S. Africa

EUROPE DIRECTOR:            Sensei Robert Dumitrescu Sandan, (Romania)
ASIA DIRECTOR:                   Shihan Laxmikant Sarang Nanadan (India)

S AMERICA DIRECTOR        Sensei Javier Rodriguez Godan (Chile)

AFRICA DIRECTOR:             Sensei Morne Slabbert Yondan (S Africa)
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kenyukan kai chile
The Kokusai Kenyukan Kai Okinawa Goju Ryu Karate & Kobudo  (KKOGK) was formed to associate Instructors from all walks of life, truly dedicated and hard working but perhaps in an struggle to maintain a valuable status within or without Federative support in their countries.
In the KKOGK we hope to achieve many things, but none to do with cheap Memberships,  and/or gratuitous self promotions.
The Association boasts members from 6 countries, and a round figure of 2000 students worldwide. These Instructors and students are the only beneficiaries of the Organisation and are, and will not be challenged by dollar figures or economic pressures.
Most of the benefits in as far as training, technique, all around knowledge and sharing is concerned, will be duly  passed on to all regardless of race, colour, creed or size of their wallets. In our view, all people have the right to learn to defend themselves, without the stigma of cost.
If an Instructor cries for help because for one reason or another has fallen victim of politics, revenge attacks, envy or whatever, and can't afford to belong to any of the hundreds of "prestigious" Associations, Federations or Alliances which exist today, where everything is given to him/her providing he or she pays for the "privilege", then he or she is looking to the wrong solution to their problem.
In the KKOGK we do not offer or sell anything to anybody and do not exchange Ranks that nobody pays credit to, because we are not a Black belt/high Rank producing enterprise. All we offer however, and unlike some associations where only Japanese and Okinawan people are destined to become Heads of Style, is the possibility to anyone complying with the requirements of admission, of becoming the Chief Instructor under our Association.
In the KKOGK we only accept genuine people, with genuine grades and genuine pursuits, not those who seek a quick promotion and a false sense of grandeur because of a piece of paper. For that, you can join some of the Grand Master's Associations proliferating on the Web, who will sell you anything of little or not value so that you could become their Representative in your country.
Our Association will endure and will grow over time because of our commitment to self reliance, friendship and loyalty to our membership. Here we are not looking at who is the best or who owns the nicest dojo... we are looking at who is prepared to work and accept common goals to achieve results...not glorified self proclaimers!
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